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Calculate: your fitness in simple numbers

So you need some help with the calculation of things? I hear you loud and clear, let’s start with my favorite, the:

How many grams of proteins should I eat per day?

The above calculator is surprisingly good at estimating your actual fat to lean body mass. If you know your lean weight (bone, tissue, water, and muscles) you can take that and multiply it by 2.2 and you will get the number of grams of protein you should eat per day. Then just divide that by the number of servings you will have that day, and you are good to go. Need help with the whole Kg vs Lbs?

Weight Converter to the rescue

Next up, what is your BMI?

BMI calculator (Kg)

One more thing that can be nice to get help with is how many calories do I actually need, and how do I reach my goals?

Calorie Calculator